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Quality Assurance – BEFORE & AFTER

To begin our portfolio, we would like to note that Bird Technical Services Inc. has set a quality standard above and beyond many IT industry service providers. When we enter a location, we strive to provide you, the customer, with a service that not only meets your needs but also exceeds your expectations. Within reason, we strive to leave your location in better standing than when we arrived (see the example below).


Photo taken before work was performed at a local restaurant location.


Photo taken after work was performed at a local restaurant location.

At times, we are limited on the service we can provide based upon the resources we are given before the job. In order to best accommodate you or your business, we highly recommend that you provide us with as much detail on the condition on the store and what you would like to achieve; that way, we can prepare ourselves with extra equipment and an idea of the work ahead.

We understand that a lot of network technicians do not pride themselves in their work as much as we do and that normal usage may cause a mess within your network room or office space. Therefore, we like to leave a lasting impression of a “job well done” by cleaning up the mess that may have been left by the last technicians or that has been created over an extended period.

To extend on our promise of quality assurance, we oftentimes will have you sign off on a quality checklist and we require our technicians to submit photos of their work (where permitted) to our Quality Assurance team before ever leaving the site to confirm that they always adhere to our quality standards and have completed the job entirely as to prevent return trips to your location.

We have worked in many areas ranging from in-home & small offices to hotels and large industrial facilities providing many types of IT services and we have the expertise to handle any project you may have!

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